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Diverse Media

Delivery platforms for today's diverse media equals the range of material we develop at DGVC. Professionals, including physicians, live in an increasingly mobile world where they want access to material at all times. Effective marketing requires that your message be made available at different times in different ways.

Diverse Media

Websites | Mobile Devices | CD / DVD / Solid State

Web sites

Our dynamic and highly effective websites support your marketing and educational objectives. A "mini-site" supports a specific focus within your site. Full-range portal sites are one-stop sources for physicians to obtain up-to-date educational resources in a therapeutic area or disease state.

Whatever the style and purpose of the site, our sophisticated back-end database technology will ensure your site:

  • Is functional and attractive
  • Has complete registration systems
  • Has content management systems allowing you to update the site
  • Has interactive surveys and testing modules, etc.

Of course, with DGVC as your one-stop production partner, all hosting and technical services, including regular maintenance and web metrics, are within our services and control.

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Websites and New Media Delivery
Web Sites
Mobile Devices
CD / DVD / Solid State